How to Make Dark Sweet Soy Sauce?

For years, numerous kitchens have relied on soy sauce as an essential ingredient. If you like Chinese and other Asian cuisine, you’ll have an easy time comprehending the rationale for the widespread use of this spicy flavour. Dark soy sauce is a dark-coloured sauce frequently used in Chinese cooking. Dark soy sauce is sweeter, darker, and has a thicker viscosity than light soy sauce. Its primary purpose is to provide colour and umami flavour to savoury foods such as noodles and fried rice. This component results in marinades that have a rich, glossy look.

But what if you’re missing this significant component in your recipe? What is the most suitable alternative to dark soy sauce? May replace dark soy sauce with other salty or oriental spices with a flavour profile comparable to theirs. Try using light soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or oyster sauce if you are looking for an ingredient with a flavour profile that is as similar as possible to that of dark soy sauce.

What is Kecap Manis Dark Sweet Sauce?

Kecap Manis (ketjap manis) is Indonesia’s famous sweet soy sauce. You could be familiar with the sweet, black sauce with a packet of mie goreng, or you might have used it in meals such as nasi Gila or squeezed it over a large bowl of bakso sauce.

Black soy sauce has a deeper colour, a thicker consistency, and a milder sweetness than the standard or light soy sauce. It imparts taste to food, much like standard soy sauce, but its primary purpose is to increase the colour of things like sauces, fried rice, noodles, and other foods

What does DarkSweet Soy Sauce Taste Like?

The most predominant thing to take away from this is that black soy sauce has more salt than light and all-purpose varieties. Trivia about soy sauce! Even though light soy sauce contains more salt than dark soy sauce, creamy soy sauce has a saltier flavour. This is because black soy sauce has a far more pronounced soy flavour, which is more dominant than the salty flavour.


  • Serving: 1tablespoon 
  • Calories: 54kcal 
  • Carbohydrates: 13g 
  • Sodium: 556mg 
  • Potassium: 52mg 
  • Sugar: 9g 
  • Vitamin C: 0.2mg 
  • Calcium: 7mg 
  • Iron: 0.4mg

How to Make (Kecap Manis) Dark Sweet Soy Sauce?

It is a thick and black sauce with a consistency similar to molasses that is made using palm sugar and soy sauce as its foundation. Aromatic spices are added for flavouring. This sauce is also known as ketjap Manis. Because “sweet” (Manis) is the meaning of the term in Malay and Indonesian, the sauce is also often referred to as “sweet soy sauce.”

Preparing it is pretty similar to the procedure used to reduce balsamic vinegar. In both cases, the ingredients are gently cooked until the sauce spontaneously thickens into the consistency of syrup.


  • 2 ½ cups white sugar
  • three cups of dark soy sauce
  • water, 1/2 cup
  • half a star anise pod
  • (2) two new curry leaves
  • 1 (1 inch) piece of freshly cut ginger root
  • Four minced garlic cloves


  • Put the soy sauce and the brown sugar into a pot of medium size and set it over medium-high heat.
  • Bring to a boil; it will bubble up quite a bit, so stir it often to prevent it from adhering to the bottom of the pot while it cooks. Important: Take it off the heat immediately if it begins to boil over, and then turn it back down just a little to prevent it from happening again.
  • Keep constantly stirring for about seven more minutes. You’ll see the sauce decreases quite a bit. Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool to room temperature before stirring.

Buying & Storing

  • Pearl River Bridge’s Superior Dark Soy Sauce is our preferred brand. You may get it in jugs or bottles of 500 millilitres, depending on your preference (1.8L). There is also the Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce that you might try.
  • You could also come across additional variations, such as dark soy sauce with a mushroom flavour or double-strength black soy sauce.
  • Dishes may benefit from adding umami thanks to the Mushroom Flavored Dark Soy Sauce’s (you guessed it) additional mushroom flavouring. In cooking, you may substitute it for conventional black soy sauce or use it in addition to regular soy sauce. Double Black Soy Sauce is essentially just traditional soy sauce to which molasses has been added, causing it to become darker, thicker, and somewhat sweeter.
  • You can see in the image on the right that the light soy sauce on the left has a relatively thin consistency, but the dark soy sauce, which is in the center, has a thicker and darker character. The right-hand double black soy sauce bottle has a texture comparable to dark soy sauce.
  • You can also get black soy sauce on the internet, in case there isn’t a Chinese store in your immediate area. Keep your dark soy sauce in a spot that is both cold and dry, like the pantry. There is no need to freeze the food.

What can I Substitute for Dark Soy Sauce?

In most recipes, a very tiny quantity of dark soy sauce is required, and the primary purpose of this ingredient is to provide colour; however, if you do not have any, you may remove it. Your food will have a paler appearance but still have flavour.

Despite this, if the images accompanying a recipe ask for black soy sauce, you shouldn’t exclude this ingredient from your dish version if you want it to appear as good as the photos.

Use double black soy sauce instead of dark soy sauce if you have it on hand. It has a deeper flavour. You may use dark soy sauce with a mushroom taste instead of conventional dark soy sauce in any recipe that calls for either.

Molasses, ordinary soy sauce, and a touch of sugar may be combined in a bowl and used as a replacement by them or in combination.

How do you Use Kecap Manis?

This is a delightfully adaptable sauce, and it May be used in many different ways.

It is an essential component in the nasi goreng (fried rice), considered Indonesia’s national dish and the Mie Goreng (fried noodles). It is also often used in the preparation of satays.

You may try it drizzled over sandwiches, mixed into scrambled eggs, gently dusted over roasted corn on the cob, grilled chicken, pig, beef, fish, and shellfish.

There is no limit on potential! In a nutshell, using Kecap Manis in rice and noodle dishes, adding it to stir-fries, marinades, glazes, soups, and barbecue sauces, or even using it as a dipping sauce, produces spectacular results.

Is Kecap Manis the Same as Dark Soy Sauce?

Kecap Manis and Black Soy Sauce both. There are two sweet soy sauces: black soy sauce and kecap manis. When I say sweet, I mean it in every word; the consistency is thick and sticky, and it’s essentially a syrup. Although black soy sauce is a touch saltier than kecap manis, the difference shouldn’t be too noticeable when preparing food.

Is Dark Sweet Soy Sauce Healthy?

Even though it contains a lot of salt, soy sauce may still be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. This is particularly true if you limit the amount of processed food and focus more on eating fresh, whole meals and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. If you are trying to minimize the amount of salt you consume, you may choose a product with less or use less.

If you are interested in reaping the health advantages of soy in your diet, consuming tofu or other soy products such as soy milk may be the best choice. ‌‌Antioxidants. According to the findings of one research, black soy sauce may contain a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants have the potential to either postpone or prevent the harm that free radicals cause to cells.

Is it ok to Eat Soy Sauce Every Day?

Many flavours are packed into just one tablespoon of soy sauce, yet it only has 11 calories, which means it may help you achieve whatever weight reduction goals you have. However, you should limit your use of soy sauce to just one tablespoon per day since each tablespoon contains 900 milligrams of salt, which is one-third of your recommended daily intake.

Is Dark Soy Sauce Salty?

A light soy sauce has a thin consistency, a nearly transparent light tint (a reddish-brown), and a light colour. It has a delightfully salty flavour and is an essential ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Both as a spice and a dipping sauce, it has several applications. Regular or light soy sauce is thinner, lighter in colour, and has a little higher sodium content than dark soy sauce.

How do you Make Dark Sweet Soy Sauce without Molasses?

In a saucepan, combine the dark brown sugar and the water. Cook over high heat, stirring the mixture from time to time until it reaches a boil. Stop starting the medicine as soon as the sugar has dissolved and cook it over medium-high heat until the colour becomes darker. When the dye reaches a stage where it resembles molasses, add more ordinary soy sauce to the skillet and mix it.

What is the Difference Between Soy & Dark Soy Sauce?

To put it another way, light soy sauce is used for flavouring, whereas dark soy sauce is utilized for colouring the food. Golden brown in colour and flavorful, creamy soy sauce is used as a flavour enhancer throughout the marinating and seasoning stages of food preparation.

Is Teriyaki Dark Soy Sauce?

 To put it another way, light soy sauce is used for flavouring, whereas dark soy sauce is utilized for colouring the food. Golden brown in colour and flavorful, creamy soy sauce is used as a flavour enhancer throughout the marinating and seasoning stages of food preparation.

What is Dark Soy Sauce in the Philippines?

Kikuchi shoyu is a kind of soy sauce that is sometimes referred to as “dark” soy sauce. This is the item that. May find the most often in stores and private homes. This category includes the most popular variety of condiments sold by Kikkoman. Kikuchi has a rich colour and a taste that packs a powerful punch, making it an excellent ingredient for dipping sauces and marinades.


Even though it is regarded as an absolute need in Asian cooking, a surprising number of homes in Western countries do not have it in their storage area. If you cannot utilize black soy sauce in preparing your next dish, you will need to find an alternative. We have produced a list of eight fantastic options that may be made using standard components.

Kecap manis, on the other hand, is sweeter (manis means sweet in Malay and Indonesian), and its consistency is comparable to maple syrup. The most noticeable distinction between the two is that soy sauce (or light soy sauce) is salty, and its viscosity is that of water. I use mild soy sauce instead of salt, and kecap manis adds colour in addition to the sweetness that we all know and love. To strike a healthy balance between savoury and sweet in my Asian cuisine, I often combine the flavours of these two sauces.