Ina Garten’s Best Recipes

If you’re looking for the Ina Garten’s Best Recipes. you’ve come to the right place. From her home to her shop to her official website, Ina Garten has you covered. Here’s a look at some of her top-notch recipes. And be sure to check out her family-style book, which is filled with recipes perfect for meal preppers and moody eaters. And don’t worry about trying to cook everything at once – these recipes freeze beautifully!

Ina Garten's Best Recipes

Ina’s mac and cheese recipe from her 1982 Silver Palate Cookbook is a riff on the classic dish. This mac and cheese recipe has a bechamel sauce with extra-sharp cheddar and Gruyere cheese. You can serve it with cavatappi pasta or elbow macaroni. For an extra-special touch, use breadcrumbs if you like. Serve over grilled bread.

Ina Garten

Ina Garten is a well-known American cookbook author and the host of Food Network’s longest-running show, Barefoot Contessa, premiered in 2002 and will air for another 27 seasons through 2020. Ina began her career producing the nuclear energy budget and strategy documents for the White House. Though she found the job intellectually fascinating, she later became dissatisfied with it and decided to open Barefoot Contessa, a tiny specialty food store. She worked for eighteen years to make the store a huge success before selling it and starting to write her first cookbook. Following that, a slew of other cookbooks and magazine essays appeared.

In the meantime, her Food Network television show debuted and became a smash. She also sells various items, including cooking materials equipment and storage containers. Ina is entirely self-taught, having never attended a cooking school or worked in a restaurant. She’s noted for her uncomplicated approach to cooking and uncomplicated attitude to entertainment. Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken, Beatty’s Chocolate Cake, Mac and Cheese, Beef Bourguignon, Balsamic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Lemon Bars are just a few of her famous recipes.

Ina Garten, clad in one of her signature blue-collared shirts, rests on a clean marble countertop in her Upper East Side apartment. She leans inside a glass jar filled with brown liquid that was once vodka and is now vanilla extract to pluck a vanilla bean. The soaked seeds may be squeezed directly out because the bean had been in the jar for six months. Garten, 70, is the type of lady who can keep a batch of vanilla extract going for half her life, replacing each bean as needed. But she’s also the type who reassures viewers of her Food Network show “Barefoot Contessa” that “store-bought is acceptable” if they don’t share her commitment to homemade ingredients — a motto that has spawned a thousand memes.

Ina Garten’s Best Recipes

Here are the best Ten Recipes

1. Ina’s Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken

This one-pan roast chicken has everything we love about a classic Ina recipe: a simple ingredient list, bright and clear flavors (fresh thyme, lemon, garlic), and, of course, a clever method (caramelizing the lemon slices with the chicken and serving with bread).

2. Ina Garten’s Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli

Meet the broccoli that is almost certain to be the greatest you’ve ever had. It takes a flavorful combination of lemon zest, toasted pine nuts, fresh basil, hunks of shredded Parmesan, garlic, and a hefty pour of good-quality olive oil to toss and coat the broccoli before it goes into the oven.

3. Ina Garten’s Lemon Capellini

Alyse Whitney, a culinary writer, agrees that Ina’s super-simple capellini is one of her all-time faves. It “remains one of my favorite weekday comfort meals,” with only lemon zest, lemon juice, and two sticks of butter (plus salt and pepper).

4. Ina Garten’s Chocolate Cake

If this deliciously moist, meringue buttercream-frosted chocolate cake is good enough for Jeffrey—after all, it comes from the cookbook Ina dedicated to him—then it’s good enough for us.

5. Ina Garten’s Pasta Alla Vecchia Bettola

Ina’s version of a longtime favorite (over 20 years) from Nick and Toni’s restaurant in East Hampton, New York, is Genius-approved pasta. The rich, concentrated flavor of the creamy vodka sauce comes from a crucial technique: roasting the sauce in the oven for about an hour and a half.

6. Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies

This brownie recipe will put all other brownie recipes to shame. It ticks just about every box we can think of, with a mix of semisweet and bitter chocolate (nearly two pounds in total) and a few teaspoons of instant coffee to give the tastes further depth and chopped walnuts for textural crunch. If you prefer to go the store-bought way, you can get a plate of these brownies from Ina via Goldbelly and some of our other favorites.

7. Ina Garten’s Mac & Cheese

I believe myself to be a macaroni and cheese expert. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of other recipes, but I always come back to Ina’s. The crispy bread crumb coating, luxurious cheese sauce with Gruyère and extra-sharp cheddar, yeah, and the addition of sliced tomatoes—all it’s about the crunchy bread crumb topping.

 8. Ina Garten’s Cauliflower Toasts

Cauliflower toast may not appear pleasant at first, but it’s “a severely under-appreciated vegetable,” as Ina Garten writes in Cook Like a Pro. Roast it to bring out its flavor. It also doesn’t hurt to combine it with grated Gruyère, creamy mascarpone, and thinly sliced prosciutto.

9. Ina Garten’s Chicken Piccata

In my house, Ina’s chicken piccata is a weeknight staple. The chicken is juicy and golden-crisp, but the pan sauce—a reduction of white wine, butter, and lemon juice (also fantastic over spaghetti)—is my favorite part of the dish.

10. Ina Garten’s Vanilla Brioche Bread Pudding

Since watching Ina prepare it on an episode of Cook Like a Pro (aptly titled “Best in Class”) on Food Network, I’ve fantasized about this vanilla brioche bread pudding.


What Herb does Ina Garten Dislike the Most?

Cilantro is probably the most well-known item in Garten’s list of things he despises. She’s made it clear that she despises the herb on multiple occasions. She commented on the garnish on the Munchies podcast, “I hate it!” “I know it’s popular, and you can use it in the recipe.” I wouldn’t say I like it. It’s so intense to me—and it genuinely tastes like soap to me—that it overpowers every other flavor.” Cilantro is a controversial herb, even though it is only a herb. Some cooks adore garlic and use it on almost everything, while others, like Garten, despise it.

“I prefer something with a lot of taste, but as you eat it, you get layers, like the strawberries, a little orange zest, a little sweetness, a little yogurt,” Garten added. “You get a good blend of all of those flavors.” However, when there’s cilantro in something, that’s all I can taste, and everything else vanishes.”

Did Ina Garten Work in the White House?

When the couple moved to Washington, DC, Ina began taking business classes and eventually landed a job in the White House during the Ford and Carter administrations. She began as a low-level government aide but rose through the ranks to become a budget analyst focused on nuclear energy policy. In 1978, Ina Garten worked on nuclear energy strategy in the White House and thought to herself, “There’s got to be more to life than this!” She saw an ad for a small grocery business for sale in the Hamptons on Long Island, where she’d never been.

How did the Barefoot Contessa get her name?

Garten utilized the show’s title, which is derived from the Italian word for the countess, in her best-selling cookbook, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (1999). Garten’s specialized food business, which she purchased in 1978, was also named after the cookbook. Garten does not intend to restart Barefoot Contessa or any other similar store. “I had a fantastic experience. Garten told Today in 2017 that he owned a specialty foods store for over 20 years. “I enjoyed every minute of it, and it’s now the foundation of my cookbooks.”


Ina Garten’s cooking shows feature many familiar dishes like stuffed chicken. Her TV shows invite fans into her Hamptons home to cook the delicious meals she prepares. Her recipes are classic favorites that will make any dinner party a hit. While some of her recipes are simple and can be made in less than one hour, they will impress your guests. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or want to enjoy your favorite comfort food, Ina’s cookbook is the perfect companion to a family meal.

Garten and her team are based in East Hampton, but they test recipes twice a week in their New York apartment, which Garten has decorated with plush rugs, strong wood furniture, and floor-to-ceiling artwork. There are coffee-table books about history and design throughout the area, and the 11 cookbooks that Garten wrote are the only ones on display.