Simple and Quick Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

This chicken pot pie recipe is simple, quick and a great way to warm up a cool winter night. This recipe uses pre-cooked deli chicken so you can put it together in less than half an hour. So if you’re looking for a simple, quick and good recipe for after school, or work, pick up … Read more

Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

I decided to post this recipe because many Families have turkey or chicken for Easter Dinner. I used chicken for this recipe, but I am sure turkey would be just as good. This Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie Recipe is a simple recipe, because it calls for frozen vegetables.  I am sure you could use … Read more

Simple Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

It is so easy to go into the store and buy Banquet Pot Pies I am ashamed to admit I had never made one until I ran across this recipe. The ingredients looked like a good combination of flavors and I had the chicken on hand so I thought I would give it a try. … Read more