Best Spinach Recipes

Here are the top spinach recipes to help increase the number of leafy greens in your diet. Try it in dishes like spaghetti, salads, soups, pizza, and more. There aren’t many more nutrient-dense vegetables. Although some have declared spinach their sworn enemy, there are many tasty ways to prepare it in recipes! Here are our top spinach recipes: the greatest ways to consume more spinach! Like spinach salad and green smoothies, many are nutritious, but others are a little more indulgent, like spinach artichoke pizza! Let’s start a meal.spinach recipes

Here are Some Best Spinach Recipes

Sauteed Spinach

Here is the best recipe for sauteed spinach that will make eating your greens taste amazing. And it only takes ten minutes to prepare. Use whole garlic cloves before cooking it. A little garlic flavor permeates this without being overpowering.

Additionally, it reduces the chance of burning or browning the garlic. Avoid overcooking it! Just cook it until it wilts. It is overcooked in so many sautéed spinach recipes that it becomes limp and lifeless. Don’t commit that error as well! Please remove it from the heat when it is wilted and still a wonderful green hue. At the very end, squeeze in some lemon.

A tiny bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice brightens the flavor. Only use real lemon juice (none of that bottled stuff). It’s properly salted. There are a lot of bland recipes for sauteed spinach. Salt it in now! Because spinach absorbs so much, you won’t need much. Salt it just enough to bring out the flavor without making it taste salty. (Continue tasting to find the perfect balance.)

Perfect Spinach Salad

This elegant spinach salad will make an impression! This lush green is finest contrasted with creamy balsamic vinaigrette and smoked pecans. This salad is sure to dazzle. It has a variety of textures and flavors, just as a sophisticated spinach salad should. When a tart balsamic vinaigrette is drizzled over this nutritious leafy green, you won’t even realize you’re eating it.

A gorgeous side salad will have everyone oohing and ahhing. Chewy, smokey pecans have been maple syrup and soy sauce-glazed to resemble bacon. Just add hard-boiled eggs or a crisp, tangy apple. (Really, it occurs each time we serve it.) It’s like the little black dress of salads—perfect for any situation.

Spinach Rice with Feta

Rice is elevated to a sophisticated side dish with spinach! This Mediterranean-inspired dish is rich in flavor because of the feta cheese, dill, and garlic. Spinach Rice is a tasty way to transform regular rice into a sophisticated side dish. Add some feta cheese and a squeeze of lemon for flavor with plain white rice, spinach, and garlic in a pot. We’re learning amusing tips like this after years of cooking.

It’s a classy side dish in the Mediterranean style that you can offer to visitors or use to liven up weeknight meals. It’s also a fantastic method to consume lots of spinach. The flavors are unbelievably delicious and fresh!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Here is a new twist on the traditional spinach and artichoke dip. This spicy, creamy, and hot spinach artichoke dip is impossible to resist! Everyone will stop and ask for the recipe when they see the dish. Since everyone loves this creamy, tangy dip dish, serving it could make the conversation awkward. Recently, Alex and I prepared this dish for some visitors, and after a short period, everyone gathered around the bowl praising it. “WOW, this is very great! The chorus was,  Which naturally made us happy! Here’s how to make this delectable party food and what makes it so addicting.

Crustless Quiche with Spinach

This brunch-worthy crustless quiche with spinach is a simple dish. Everyone will be impressed by the wonderful flavor. Try a quiche without a crust! This idea is our favorite for entertaining since it is hearty, savory, and full of protein to satisfy tummies all morning. Even better: it’s incredibly simple to make! Quiche crust is unnecessary; combine the filling ingredients and bake. This crustless spinach quiche is a miracle because even our 4-year-old, who hates spinach, likes it! Here’s how to make a recipe for a quiche without a crust and alter the contents to suit your family.

A crustless quiche is an egg custard that lacks the typical pastry crust and is cooked. A crustless quiche is comparable to an Italian frittata without the crust. The distinction? Traditionally, quiche has more dairy than a frittata. You’ll need the following ingredients for the crustless spinach quiche’s foundation recipe. This recipe is fantastic since it persuades even people who dislike spinach (like our son!). However, you can alter it to include any vegetables you like. What you’ll need is as follows:

Best Spinach Smoothie

The greatest spinach smoothie recipe is provided here! You won’t even realize you’re eating your greens because the sweet-tart flavor is alluring. The finest smoothie with spinach tastes so good you’ll forget you’re eating healthy. This delicious smoothie may be made in two ways: with more fruit to keep it nut-free or with cashews for some protein.

In either case, it’s made of plants and loaded with nutrients just how you’d anticipate a green drink to be! The fact is, we’ve made a lot of smoothies with spinach without following a recipe. And they were all bitter and oddly brown-green. What makes this recipe for a spinach smoothie amazing is as follows:

Spinach Pizza

With this spinach pizza, you can satisfy your pizza and greens cravings. This pie is rich and delicious with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. Try this pizza with spinach! It can persuade anyone who dislikes spinach to change their mind. Yes, the garlicky, delicious flavor of this pizza is everything! The three pieces of cheese take away any harshness in the spinach. The ricotta provides a creamy basis, and the mozzarella and Parmesan add a stretchy texture and savory flavor. Add some colorful vegetables and herby spinach over the top for a crowd-pleasing dish that everyone will like (especially with Italian salad).

Even those who dislike spinach! It’s almost as though fresh and frozen spinach are two different ingredients. Before being packaged, spinach is blanched, which means it is briefly boiled before freezing. Since cooked spinach can often get a little slimy, this gives it a satisfying texture when served on a pizza: mildly crispy and nearly fluffy. We are reminded of spinach artichoke dip by it.

Spinach Tortillas Recipe

Kids adore the green color of these handmade spinach tortillas, rich with nutrients and perfect for tacos or wraps. Alex recently disclosed his desire to create homemade green tortillas as a do-it-yourself project. Genius! We frequently purchase tortillas, so I’ve been searching for a nice homemade technique. A standard tortilla can be made more nutrient-dense by using spinach. And last but not least, who doesn’t adore naturally green tortillas? I was expecting our toddler Larson would be intrigued by the color green.

This healthy tortilla dish that Alex prepared received wonderful reviews from our toddler Larson and me. Larson incessantly demanded the “green” food. It’s ideal for tackling this DIY project as a fun pastime with two or more people—either two adults or an adult and kids. Just be aware that if you involve kids, you can get some tortillas that aren’t round… Fortunately, they have the same flavor.

Spinach Alfredo Pasta

When we initially began eating whole foods, pasta topped with butter and cheese was uncommon. We mostly focused on experimenting with whole grains and fresh veggies because there were so many new dishes to try. But today, we’re experimenting with whole wheat pasta loaded with vegetables since we believe moderation is vital. Additionally, butter is once again beneficial to your health. The entire family will enjoy this quick and simple 20-minute spinach alfredo pasta recipe, which is vegetarian.

So here’s a quick, delicious, creamy spinach alfredo pasta recipe. This fettuccine alfredo follows the “traditional” approach, which involves tossing the warm pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, which melts into a gooey, savory sauce instead of the standard cream-based alfredo sauce we’re used to in America. To add more nutrition, we’ve used spinach, but you may also use other greens, including tender baby arugula.

Mac and Cheese with Spinach

This healthy version of comfort cuisine, Greek yogurt mac and cheese, is cooked on the stove! In less than 30 minutes, it’s pure wonderful with spinach and Parmesan. This Greek yogurt mac and cheese takes the traditional comfort dish and adds additional nutrients that improve the immune system! Of course, cheese and pasta don’t help your immune system, but this spaghetti has a healthy serving of vegetables and probiotics.

What makes this dish unique is: How does this spinach mac and cheese taste, you might be asking. Although it contains many good ingredients, it is flavorful and creamy. Greek yogurt mac and cheese tastes a little more upscale thanks to the subtlety of the Parmesan cheese and fresh garlic flavor. Kids can still enjoy it, though!

What’s the Best Way to Eat Spinach?

We all know that spinach, a green leafy vegetable, is very nutritious because it contains a lot of antioxidants. The ideal strategy to maximize nutrient intake is to consume fresh spinach raw because all cooking procedures reduce the nutritional content of food to some extent. When that isn’t possible, prepare spinach for the shortest time possible while maintaining most of its nutritional content. However, a new study suggests that juicing or adding spinach to smoothies is the healthiest way to consume it, rather than boiling or blanching it.

Spinach has a lot of fiber when it’s raw. Still, it can have more beta-carotene when cooked: According to one study, cooked spinach absorbs three times as much beta carotene, an antioxidant, and type of vitamin A, as compared to raw spinach. There are benefits and drawbacks to both methods of food preparation. Consuming fresh spinach is healthy. The nutrients your body needs for optimum health are all in spinach, including fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K. Additionally, it has very few calories.

What Meat Goes with Spinach?

Good thing spinach pairs well with various types of meat. This Strawberry Spinach Salad with Chicken offers chicken and spinach for you to try. For example, these Butternut Squash and Sausage Lasagna Rolls pair well with sausage or pork. Add any other vegetables and a small amount of cheese. Your favorite egg recipes, including omelets, benedicts, quiches, and frittatas, should include spinach. Mix it into shakes: Weary of kale? Add spinach to your morning smoothie or protein drink for a filling, flavorful breakfast on the go.

Vitamin B6 is abundant in spinach and serves a dual purpose in aiding tryptophan’s therapeutic effects. Oxalate (oxalic acid) is an antinutrient molecule found in spinach and other greens, including amaranth, beet, chard, cassava, parsley, chives, endive, seeds, nuts like almonds and cashews, chocolate, tea, and coffee. Dinnertime salads, whole-grain dishes, sautéed spinach paired with protein, and smoothies can all benefit from adding fresh spinach.

How Long does Spinach Last in the Fridge?

According to Allrecipes, spinach leaves kept in the refrigerator can last up to a week or even ten days. If you want to consume either fresh spinach or cooked spinach within a few days of storing it, the refrigerator will keep both of them in good condition. For around ten days, keep the spinach in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Avoid storing spinach close to ethylene-producing fruits if it isn’t in an airtight container (such as bananas and apples). If you’re among ethylene gas, your spinach will spoil more quickly.

To remove extra moisture from fresh spinach, gently wrap it in a paper towel. Keep moisture levels low because it will hasten the rotting process. Put the spinach wrapped in paper towels in a bag or storage container. Securely close the container. Cooked spinach should be allowed to cool to room temperature. Put the spinach in a zip-top bag or other airtight containers for storage. In the refrigerator, cooked spinach can be stored for three to five days.

Is Sauteed Spinach Good for you?

In addition to crucial beta carotenes for stronger immune systems and healthier skin, sautéed spinach exhibits a rise in the absorption of vitamins A and E, protein, fiber, zinc, thiamin, calcium, and iron. Large quantities of dietary oxalate in spinach bind to calcium in the body and stop it from being absorbed. Eating foods high in oxalate also causes you to excrete more oxalate in your urine, resulting in kidney stones made of calcium oxalate.

Because your body cannot absorb and metabolize spinach all at once, increased spinach consumption might create an excessive buildup of bloating, gas, and cramps. Because spinach contains a lot of fiber, it takes longer to digest, which might cause fever, diarrhea, and tummy pain.


Spinach recipes come in handy whenever you’re craving something green, even if you’re also craving pasta, something creamy, or a big bowl of chickpeas. (Or all of the above.) We love fresh spinach, whether it’s an easy handful of the baby leaves or the hardier, more flavorful mature version. (Don’t forget you can eat the root crowns, too!) And we always try to have some frozen spinach on hand for nights when the fridge is bare. Below you’ll find great spinach recipes to use whatever version you have around.