How To Make Homemade Chicken Soup?

When you are looking for a recipe for homemade chicken soup, you may be wondering how to prepare it. There are many ways to cook it, and the following steps are the easiest way to make this delicious dish. First, you need to heat some oil in a large pot. Once hot, add the vegetables and saute them for about 7 minutes, stirring them intermittently. Add the garlic after the vegetables are done cooking.

chicken soup

Chicken Soup Nutrition Facts

chicken soup nutrition facts

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a soup made from chicken that has been cooked in water with a variety of other ingredients. The typical chicken soup consists of a clear chicken broth with bits of chicken or vegetables; pasta, noodles, dumplings, or grains like rice and barley are common additions. Chicken soup has earned a reputation as a folk treatment for colds and influenza, and it is considered a comfort dish in many nations. When cooked, chicken soup provides warmth, moisture, and nutrition to the body. Chicken soup is high in vitamins and minerals, which help prevent illnesses, including the common cold, flu, and food poisoning. The soup also has several other noteworthy health benefits, including weight management.

How To Make Homemade Chicken Soup?

Homemade Chicken Soup is packed with chicken, vegetables, and herbs in a tasty semi-homemade broth. My grandmother’s chicken soup recipe is warm and calming comfort food that takes approximately an hour to prepare. Most folks will give you chicken soup as a “prescription when you’re sick.” It’s reassuring, calming, and sentimental. There are many canned options available when you need a quick soup fix, but my preferred technique is to prepare this from scratch chicken soup recipe at home in under an hour.

Ingredients for Chicken Soup

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts/thighs – you can use bone-in chicken if you like, it will just need to be cooked more prolonged, and then the meat picked off the bones.
  • Chicken stock/broth – I cook the chicken in a mixture of 4 cups broth and 4 cups of water, then use this broth for the base of the soup, adding more boxed broth as needed.
  • Salt – Normally, I don’t add salt to the ingredients list since it’s such a common ingredient, but it’s so essential for the flavor of your soup.
  • Veggies – Onions and carrots, both peeled and chopped. Sometimes I add celery, and you can add other veggies like peas or mushrooms.
  • Herbs – Fresh thyme sprigs (also dried works; about 1-2 teaspoons), dried oregano, bay leaves, and fresh parsley for the finishing touch.


  1. Cook the chicken-Cook the chicken in equal parts chicken stock and salted water, then shred the chicken into large chunks. Strain any chicken pieces or fat out of the leftover stock, so I have the liquid, then set it aside.
  2. Saute the vegetables-I cook the veggies and herbs in a little olive oil for a few minutes to soften them and bring out their flavor before adding the leftover stock.
  3. Simmer-The veggies, chicken, and herbs simmer together in the chicken stock for about 20 minutes (or longer for an even richer flavor), and then you’re ready to serve! Simmer on high heat to bring it to a boil, then cover and reduce to low.

Seasoning For Chicken Soup

The herbs you use will be the ones that give your soup the most flavor. That, as well as salt. Fresh thyme and parsley, dried oregano, bay leaves, garlic, and black pepper were the ingredients I utilized. Salt is an essential part of the flavor profile since it enhances the flavor. To avoid over-salting the soup, I usually wait until it’s cooked before adding salt. Use fresh herbs if you have access to them. You can serve them whole or separate them before serving. Keep leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator and consume within 3-4 days. It will keep fresh for 4-6 months in the freezer. On the stovetop, reheat the soup. If you’re adding rice or pasta to your soup, keep it separate from the rest of the ingredients to avoid mushy soup.

Tips For Making Chicken Soup

Here are some essential tips that should be followed while making chicken soup:

  • After the chicken is cooked, add all the ingredients to the pot and bring to a boil. The soup will be ready within 1 to 1/2 hours.
  • Then, remove the chicken and allow it to cool. When it is cool, strain and store in the fridge. Freeze the leftover chicken carcass if you want to prepare the soup in advance. It is best to make a larger batch of the broth to store for later.
  • To make homemade chicken soup, you need to roast a whole chicken first, ensuring that the broth is rich in flavor and nutrient-dense. Then, you can add some lemon juice and other vegetables to the stock.
  • If you want a faster soup, you can buy frozen egg noodles. Alternatively, buy a whole roasted chicken and simmer the chicken carcass. Then, you can freeze the bones to use later. If you have leftovers, consider using them to make homemade chicken soup.
  • You can also season it with salt at the end. And don’t forget to enjoy this nutritious meal! Once it has reached its desired consistency, it is ready to be served. With these steps, you will be well on your way to making a delicious chicken soup.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Homemade Chicken Soup?

Controls Blood Pressure

According to studies, the proteins present in chicken, particularly its limbs, aid in lowering blood pressure. People suffering from this condition could include chicken soup in their diet and check the quantity of salt added since this may reduce the effect of the soup’s advantages on your health.

Powers Your Bones

Calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals are abundant in animal bones, the same nutrients required to form and strengthen your bones. The chicken broth, which is high in most of these minerals, will undoubtedly keep arthritis at bay.

A Relatively Low Fat Food

After cooking and skimming the fat layer off the top, chilling the soup is a simple approach to remove the excess fat. It also gives you a sense of being stuffed, and this guarantees that you have had a sufficient number of nutrients while also preventing you from bingeing on other fatty foods.

Works Your Muscles

Chicken is well-known for being a good source of protein and amino acids, essential for building muscles and other tissues. As a result, a cup of chicken soup might be a delicious addition to your regular menu.

Build The Immune Wall

Onions, garlic, and other vegetables are also crucial elements in a chicken soup since they add flavor and a healthy dose of essential nutrients for a healthy immune system.

These advantages of chicken soup certainly entices you to try one, aren’t they? For FreshMenu, which serves some of the best food in the city, I’ve been blogging about food and its health advantages. You may also order meals from them and have them delivered to your door, no matter where you are. There’s so much sweetness here!

Is It Necessary To Cook The Chicken Before Adding It To The Soup?

The chicken should not be boiled or cooked too long. If the chicken is a little underdone when you take it out of the oven, that’s fine; the chicken will continue to cook when it’s reintroduced to the soup later.
When done correctly, a simple saucepan of water brought to a boil can produce exquisitely tender chicken breasts.

We start with making the stock, then add the raw chicken flesh and allow it to cook until the very end of the soup-making process. You could also cook the breast and thigh chicken pieces whole in the broth, then remove them after about 15 minutes of cooking time, allow them to cool, and shred them before adding them to the dish at the end of the meal. The chicken should not be boiled or cooked too long. If the chicken is a little underdone when you take it out of the oven, that’s fine; the chicken will continue to cook when it’s reintroduced to the soup later.


Once the vegetables are cooked, you can add the cooked and chopped meat to the soup. Once the chicken is cooked, you can add a little salt to taste. A good recipe for homemade beef broth can make your family feel better and have them asking for more!

If you’re interested in learning how to make homemade chicken soup, you should first buy a whole chicken. This will ensure that the flavor is rich, giving you a more nutrient-dense broth. In addition, you should add some lemon juice to the stock to give it an extra flavor. Adding lemon juice to the broth will also improve the taste of the soup. After blending the ingredients, you should simmer the soup for about an hour and a half.