Smirnoff Red White & Berry Nutrition Facts

Limited-edition flavors of Smirnoff ice include blue raspberry and cherry. Each 12-fl.-oz. The can of an alcoholic beverage contains 90 calories, and it has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The calories in Smirnoff ice are modest, and it contains no carbs or sugar. The liqueur contains no cholesterol or fat and contains 1 gram of sugar.

Smirnoff Red White and Berry

Seven essential nutrients are found in Smirnoff Ice Red, White, and Berries. The alcoholic beverage has minimal calories, with each serving containing only 67 calories. It has a calorie count of 88.4 grams of alcohol and no sugars. 12-ounce cans of Smirnoff ice berries are also available. You may order Smirnoff ice liqueur in a patriotic can for a short period.

In the United States, the Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry ice is a famous cocktail. The beverage has 110 calories and three grams of protein per 12 oz, and it doesn’t have any added sugar. Smirnoff ice is a great low-calorie option for folks watching their weight, and it comes in various tastes and is an excellent option for people looking to keep their calorie intake under control.

Smirnoff Red White & Berry Nutrition Facts

Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry candy’s nutrition facts include being low in fat, sugar, and sodium. The ice cream-filled treats contain no cholesterol but do contain a trace of sugar. Smirnoff ice is an excellent adult beverage. It comes in 12-ounce cans and can be ordered from the comfort of your own home. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, Smirnoff contains no sugar.
Smirnoff Red White and Berry Nutrition Facts

Is There Alcohol in Smirnoff Red White & Berry?

Drink responsibly and enjoy chilled. The ABV of Smirnoff Ice Red White & Berry is 4.5 percent. Smirnoff Ice has been a fixture of get-togethers and parties since 1999 and is one of the most popular malt beverages in the country. Smirnoff Red, White & Berry is decked out in the patriotic hues of the season.

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry, which has a recommended retail price of $12.99 for a 750-ml bottle and contains 30% alcohol by volume, is now available on shelves countrywide (ABV).

Is Smirnoff Red White & Berry a Seasonal Drink?

Description of the product The Red, White, and Merry flavor is available from November to December, while the Red, White, and Berry flavor are available from January to October. Aside from the new complex seltzer flavor, Smirnoff is bringing back its limited-edition Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry vodka, as well as its Smirnoff Ice Red, White, and Berry, taste from previous years.

Smirnoff Red White & Berry Vodka Contain How Much Alcohol?

Smirnoff Ice is a delightful and oh-so-easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage that can get you intoxicated if consumed in large quantities. Is 5% alcohol a lot? Originally Answered: Is 5% alcohol a lot? No, that’s about right for a bit stronger than usual beer. Which is the amount of alcohol in a certain amount of liquid…. the formula is pretty tricky, as is the temperature, but that is the essential concept.

Smirnoff Red White and Berry

What does Smirnoff Red White & Berry Go Well With?

It’s sweet and tangy, and it’s ideal for a quick summer drink. This cocktail makes Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka, lemonade, and fresh fruits.

What Can You Do With Smirnoff Red White and Berry

  • Cranberry, apple, and pineapple juices are examples of sweet fruit liquids.
  • Lemonade (of course!)
  • Seltzer.
  • Lemon Lime Sodas (7up, Sprite)

What is the Shelf Life of Smirnoff Red White & Berry?

After the expiration date on the bottle, you can expect your drink to taste great for at least three months. Your Smirnoff Ice may still be good after those three months have passed. You don’t have to throw it away. When you see a printed date on a bottle, it indicates brewed. It will be safe to drink much later, but it will lose some of its carbonation and appeal as a drink as time goes on.

What is the Flavor of Smirnoff Berry Blast?

Smirnoff Berry Explosion Vodka boasts a refreshing taste of blue raspberry, cherry, and citrus, all mixed for a blast of fun. Smirnoff Red, White & Berry combines the refreshing flavors of cherry, citrus, and sweet blue raspberry for a deliciously refreshing taste of freedom. It’s excellent as a chilled shot or in your favorite summer drink. Smirnoff Berry Blast is refreshingly excellent with cherry, lemon, and sweet blue raspberry flavors.

Among teenagers and adults, Smirnoff ice is a popular choice. Its low-calorie content is ideal for keeping toddlers occupied, and it has no added sugar and only 500 calories per can. With 5.8% alcohol content, the Smirnoff ice screwdriver is a more potent alcoholic beverage.

The Smirnoff berry, on the other hand, contains no calories and is an excellent option for those who want to avoid sugar Food cannot be substituted for a night of Smirnoff.

The issue with these drinks is that the sweetness that masks the “alcohol” flavor has the unintended consequence of increasing caloric intake.

Smirnoff Ice is a premium malt beverage with a low-calorie count. It has a low calorie, fat, salt, and sugar content, with only 110 calories per can. It’s perfect for those hot summer days.

Smirnoff ice’s nutritional information can help you decide whether or not to try it. The company has produced the drink for more than 40 years, and it has become one of the most popular malt beverages. While Smirnoff vodka is widely recognized as a vodka brand, its Ice beverages appear to be targeted at women. …


There are no calories in the Smirnoff ice Red White and Berry. It’s also free of added sugar and preservatives. Although the calories in Smirnoff ice are not dangerous, drinking too much of it can cause weight gain.

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry is a delightful zero-calorie mixed-berry soda. It has a fruity, slightly sweet flavor, and it’s also devoid of gluten. Consider the calories and carbs in this beverage before purchasing a can. It is sugar-free and contains no additional sweeteners. The Smirnoff Seltzer is a refreshing summer drink.