How to Make Hollandaise Sauce?

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce is a creamy staple that’s great for breakfast or brunch! This formula is simple and guaranteed to work. In a blender, it only takes 5 minutes. For a delightful finishing touch, drizzle it over poached eggs, eggs Benedict, vegetables, or various other dishes. If you’ve ever had eggs, Benedict, you’ve most likely come across this creamy, buttery sauce. It has the creamiest texture, and its flavors complement components like eggs, asparagus, and salmon.

Because Hollandaise sauce is so rich, you don’t need much of it.

How to Make Lemon Butter Sauce ?

lemon butter sauce

┬áLemon butter sauce to serve with steamed artichokes earlier this spring. Since then, I’ve started serving it with various things, including spaghetti, roasted vegetables, and couscous. It’s rich and buttery, with a vibrant, savory flavor thanks to the lemon juice and garlic. Lemon Butter Sauce is exactly what it sounds like: a butter-based sauce with broth or wine and seasonings (in this example, lemon, and shallots). There’s no need to thicken the sauce with flour because the butter emulsifies and acts as its thickener.