What Goes with Stir Fry?

Stir fry is a quick and simple meal that can be made with various ingredients. It’s a fantastic way to use up any leftover vegetables or proteins in your refrigerator, and it can be prepped and cooked in just a few minutes, making it the ideal supper for hectic weeknights. But if stir-frying is new to you, you might wonder what goes with it.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top items to include in a stir fry and some delectable side dishes that go great with a stir fry. We’ve got you covered with tips and inspiration for preparing a tasty and filling supper, whether you want to add other vegetables, protein, or flavor to your stir fry.

What Goes With Stir Fry

What Goes with Stir Fry?

Some classic stir-fry ingredients include vegetables like bell peppers, onions, carrots, and broccoli and proteins like chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp.

It is crucial to understand what goes with stir fry, whether you are a novice or a seasoned cook. You should be aware of the best kinds of meat and veggies to prepare for the dish. You can add flavor to your stir fry with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. You can select the components that will give your dinner the best flavor.


Stir-frying with chicken might be a wonderful option if you’re searching for a nutritious, well-balanced meal or something quick and simple. You can select a cuisine that appeals to your taste because many kinds of veggies and proteins are available.

Cut the chicken into cubes to begin. Use thighs or boneless, skinless breasts. In a little vegetable oil, sauté them. This will contribute to the chicken’s lovely brown hue.

Remove the chicken to a clean bowl once it has been browned. The vegetables can then be added to the skillet to cook. Put the chicken back in the pan after the vegetables are crisp-tender.


Beef stir fry is perfect if you’re searching for a fast weekday dinner or a delectable dish to give to family or guests. It is tasty and nutritious and takes a few minutes to prepare. Meat that has been thinly sliced is the key to a nice stir-fry.

It should be served with sauce and browned on all sides. This meal can be served with noodles, rice, or even lettuce cups. You can make it as healthy as you wish by serving it with quinoa or other high-fiber grains on the side.

The meat needs to be cooked before you can produce a great beef stir-fry. Overcooking will be reduced as a result. Then you should incorporate the sauce and the vegetables. The use of a sizable, hefty pan is crucial. Use a high heat after that. This will aid flavor absorption by the meat and sauce.


Preparation is the key to effective cooking, whether making a fantastic gluten-free stir fry or a delicious pork version. Less time is spent cooking, and better outcomes arise from prepping items ahead of time.

You can go right with a stir fry if you’re looking for a quick dinner that is both wholesome and delectable. Small pieces of beef are cooked over high heat as part of the fundamental stir-fry method.

You must include vegetables in addition to the meat. Green beans, peppers, carrots, and cabbage are a few examples. The use of oil, which helps prevent food from sticking to the pan, is the ideal method for cooking such components.


Tofu combines well with stir fry, whether you want to make it for supper or a snack. It is quick, nutritious, and a fantastic option for vegetarians. It is also vegan and gluten-free. Any vegetable can be used in this recipe.

You may serve this dish with zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice if you want a low-carb option. Stir-fry can also be made with brown rice. The used sauce is the ideal accompaniment to the tofu because it is sweet and salty.

Although tofu is a traditional Chinese dish, there are numerous ways to prepare it. Any vegetable can be used to make tofu. The best garlic to have on hand is fresh garlic. For extra spiciness, you can add ginger.


Vegetable stir fry is a fantastic alternative to include more vegetables in your diet, whether you’re searching for a quick dinner or a nutritious approach. The recipe is simple to follow and makes a fantastic supper.

You can use up any leftover vegetables in your refrigerator by making this dish, which takes 5 to 7 minutes to prepare.

To ensure that you achieve the finest results, choose the right vegetables. In a stir fry, fresh vegetables work best. Though you should ensure they are a year old, you can use frozen vegetables.

Additional Side Dishes for Stir Fry

A wonderful approach to switch up your meal and offer diversity to your visitors is by including side dishes with your stir fry. However, fried rice is a traditional side dish with soy sauce and spring onions. Ensure that the selected side dishes go well with the main course.

It complements almost any kind of meat. Even bacon pieces can be used to season it. It would be best to avoid several more expensive portions to stay below your financial budget. In terms of side dishes, many options go well with stir fry:

  • Rice: A bowl of plain white rice or brown rice is a simple and classic side dish for stir fry. You can also try flavoring your rice with herbs or spices, like cilantro or turmeric.
  • Noodles: Noodles, like rice, are a staple in many stir-fry dishes. You can use any noodles you like, from egg noodles to soba noodles to rice noodles.
  • Fried rice: If you have leftover rice, you can make simple fried rice by sautéing the rice with a bit of oil, soy sauce, and scrambled eggs. This makes a tasty and satisfying side dish for stir fry.
  • Salad: If you’re looking for a lighter side dish, a simple green salad with a vinaigrette dressing pairs well with stir fry. Add vegetables to the salad, like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, or bell peppers.
  • Grilled or roasted vegetables: Grilled or roasted vegetables make a delicious side dish for stir fry. Try grilling or roasting vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, or asparagus and serving them alongside your stir fry.

Overall, many ingredients and side dishes go well with stir fry, so you can get creative and try out different combinations to find what works best. Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing or something more substantial, there are plenty of options.

Why Should Side Dishes be Served with Stir-Fry Dishes?

A stir-fry dinner can be balanced by adding side dishes because they offer a different texture or flavor. A salad can lend a crisp, reviving element, while a rice dish can provide a starchy contrast to the veggies and protein in the stir-fry. There are several reasons why side dishes can be offered with stir-fried meals.

Second, adding side dishes can help the meal feel more complete and gratifying. It might not be sufficient to keep you full if you’re serving a stir-fry as the main dish. You can guarantee that you and your visitors will have enough to eat and feel pleased after the meal by including a side dish.

Last but not least, side dishes can diversify a stir-fried supper, making it more enticing and satisfying. There is a side dish that will go wonderfully with your stir-fry, whether you like something light and tangy or something heartier.

You can combine and match various side dishes to suit your tastes and preferences because many possibilities are available.

What Type of Oil is the Best for Stir-Frying?

The best oil for stir-frying has a high smoke point and a neutral flavor. Some good options include vegetable oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, and canola oil.

As a result of these oils’ high smoke points, they can endure the intense heat of stir-frying without degrading or developing a burnt or bitter taste. They also have a neutral flavor so they won’t overpower the flavors of the other components in the stir-fry.

It’s crucial to remember that the quantity of oil you use when stir-frying can also affect the meal’s caloric content. It’s a good idea to use a little oil and choose oils low in saturated fat and cholesterol to keep your stir-fry as healthy as possible.

Is a Stir-Fry a Balanced Meal?

If it has a variety of components, a stir-fry can be a well-rounded meal. A well-balanced meal should typically include a source of protein, veggies, and grains or carbs.

Including a protein, such as chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp, as well as a range of vegetables, like bell peppers, onions, carrots, and broccoli, and a grain or starch, such as rice or noodles, can make a balanced meal.

It’s crucial to remember that the proportions of the ingredients in a stir-fry can change depending on the particular recipe and the size of the ingredient portions.

For instance, a stir-fry with a high proportion of grains or noodles would not be as well-balanced as one with more veggies and protein.

It’s a good idea to use various ingredients and pay attention to portion amounts to make your stir-fry a balanced meal. Also, consider serving the stir-fry with a side dish, like a salad or a bowl of rice, to add more nutrients and balance to the meal.

Can Eating Stir-Fries Help you Lose Weight?

If stir-fries are a component of a calorie-restricted diet, they may aid in weight loss. If done with various veggies, a lean protein source, and without a tonne of additional fats or sugars, stir-fries can be a nutritious and low-calorie supper option.

It’s crucial to remember that the ability of stir-fries to help you lose weight will rely on the specific components utilized and the number of sizes. Use lots of vegetables, select lean protein options, and minimize extra fats and carbohydrates to make your stir-fries as weight-loss-friendly as possible.


As a result, stir-fries are a quick and simple supper that can be prepared with various ingredients. This makes them a fantastic choice for harried weeknights or reusing leftover vegetables and proteins. The possibilities are unlimited when designing a stir fry that satisfies your preferences and nutritional requirements, from vegetables to protein to flavor-enhancing sauces.

A stir fry’s flavors are wonderfully complemented by various delectable side dishes and the components that go into the stir fry itself. There are many options to select from, whether you’re craving something light and energizing, like a straightforward green salad, or something heartier, like a dish of rice or noodles. You can prepare an all-around delicious meal by serving your stir fry with the appropriate side dishes.