Best Rice Cooker for Indian Cooking

The best rice cooker for Indian cooking has to be energy-efficient. An energy-efficient model can cook the rice in as little as 20 minutes. However, it is essential to check the capacity before purchasing one. A good one should have a capacity of at least 2 Kg. If the capacity is too low, you may want to consider another model. You can also opt for a slow-cooker if you have less time to prepare your food.

Hawkins Rice Cooker


The finest rice cooker for Indian cooking should have some easy-to-clean supplementary features. A cooker that can steam veggies and is dishwasher safe is ideal. You can check the temperature at any moment, thanks to the built-in water level indicator. Scrubbing the stainless steel lid with hot water will clean it. Furthermore, to avoid overcooking, a decent rice cooker should have a warming mode.

In India, what is the best brand of an electric rice cooker?

The best rice cooker for Indian cooking should come with a warranty when it comes to the price. While most rice cookers are expensive, you can get a good deal for a lower-priced model at a cheaper price. A reputable brand is likely to have a five-year guarantee. In addition to that, a good warranty and nonstick pots will help ensure a healthier meal.

Best Rice Cooker for Indian Cooking

Instant pot duo electric pressure rice cooker

The Instant pot duo plus is the latest generation of the duo series, the company’s best-selling cooker. All of the fantastic features that made the duo the No. 1 best-seller are included in the Duo Plus 9-in-1 Programmable kitchen appliance with sophisticated microprocessor technology. It is constantly updated with new and enhanced programs and features to support one’s fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. Cake, egg, and sanitize are three new apps included with duo plus. The cake program is designed to make soft and moist cakes under pressure, while the egg program is designed to make excellent eggs in just a few minutes.

Instant Pot Duo Plus


Aroma housewares rice cooker

The Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer makes home cooking simple. Rice of restaurant quality. Steamed meals that are good for you. Dishes that can be prepared in one pot. At the touch of a button, you may prepare all of this and more. Aroma takes the ‘cook’ out of home cooking, allowing you to spend more time with your family in the kitchen. Help the kids with their homework, get creative during playtime, or read that book you’ve been meaning to read—all while serving delicious, substantial, and nutritious meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker


Panasonic automatic rice cooker

This automatic rice cooker prepares food quickly and efficiently while conserving energy. Panasonic’s automated cooker has a 1 Liter capacity.

Panasonic SRWA 18 1.8 Liter Automatic Rice Cooker


Toshiba rice cooker

Rice cooked in a lot of water can become soggy; instead, use the porridge option to make fluffy porridge. The cooking temperature is somewhat lower than conventional white rice, and the rice should be cooked slightly longer to achieve a softer texture. You can also make cream soup with the appropriate amount of water. There is a menu option for cooking many sorts of tasty rice. Rice is cooked by extending the preheating time for improved water absorption and cooking at a lower temperature to allow the rice to cook longer without turning mushy.

Toshiba Rice Cooker


Blue diamond weekday wonder electric pressure cooker

Take the sting out of dinner! The Weekday Wonder One-Touch Pressure Cooker by Blue Diamond is a no-pressure cooking option! Make a complete meal with the touch of a button—our intuitive settings make everything simple. But wait, there’s more! Our distinctive nonstick coating has been reengineered for maximum performance under pressure. Other nonstick coatings break down under the tremendous pressure of pressure cookers, but our proprietary nonstick coating is designed to withstand the strain while still allowing for easy cleanup. The intelligent release mechanism adjusts pressure automatically to maximize flavor, while the quick-release function safely releases pressure from the control panel in an instant.Blue Diamond Weekday Wonder


Black-decker rice cooker

The black-decker 6-Cup Rice Cooker makes dinner prep a breeze. Cooking takes about 20-30 minutes, and the unit’s automated ‘keep warm function keeps the beautiful, fluffy rice warm long after the cooking is finished. You can even use it as a steamer! Healthy meals can be prepared with the accompanying steaming basket using veggies, fish, and other ingredients. The dishwasher-safe nonstick bowl and tempered glass cover make cleanup a breeze. In addition, the cooker can be used to make soups, stews, and even oatmeal.




  • 6-Cup Capacity – Make 1 to 6 cups of cooked rice, which is perfect for tiny or large meals, as well as leftovers. ETL Approved
  • Automatic Keep the rice warm, so it’s ready to eat! After the rice cooker has finished cooking, it automatically changes to the “stay warm” mode.
  • Nonstick Rice Cooker – The nonstick rice pot is removable, making cleanup a breeze in the dishwasher. The size is 10 x 9.0 x 5.5 inches.
  • Food Steaming Basket – Make healthy meals with veggies, fish, and more with the included food steaming basket. Included Measuring Cup and Spoon – The measuring cup makes it simple to cook the proper amount of rice, while the plastic serving spoon protects the nonstick rice cooker from scratches. To measure rice, use the rice cup, not a genuine cup.
  • The voltage is 120 volts. 300W wattage

Crux induction rice cooker

The Crux 20 Cup Rice Cooker is ideal for large families and entertaining. You can produce fluffy rice, slow cook, steam, make stews, simmers, cook oatmeal and pasta with the sleek LCD’s 12 preset options. At the touch of a button, it also creates homemade yogurt. Organize your hectic lifestyle with our customizable delayed start time of up to 24 hours. To avoid burning, the water level sensors self-adjusts to keep warm after your meal is ready. Cook rice proteins while steaming fish or vegetables for a convenient one-pot entrée. Are you fed up with cleaning? Cleanup is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe cooking bowl, steam tray, rice paddle, and rice measuring cup.

CRUX 20 Cup Induction Rice Cooker,


What should you know about rice cookers before purchasing one?

It is critical to consider the energy efficiency of a rice cooker while purchasing one. You want to find a product that utilizes less electricity while yet retaining the food’s nutrition. It’s also crucial to get one with extra accessories if you’re a busy mom. Rice should be cooked in as short as 20 minutes in an energy-efficient rice cooker. A rice cooker should also be long-lasting, with a tight-fitting cover to prevent leaks.


  • An 11-cup capacity rice cooker is an excellent choice for most home cooks. The swivel cord makes it easy to reach any corner of the kitchen. Its nonstick inner pot and programmable timer allow you to choose the best rice cooker for your specific needs. The adjustable temperature and timer settings are the key features of this machine. You can even select a slow-cooker or a steamer based on the type of grain you’re using.
  • Other features of the best rice cookers for Indian cooking include a temperature sensor and an automatic switch-off feature. It can cook up to six servings of rice at one time, and you can even make soups, curries, and more. You’ll be pleased with the results of your dishes, and your family won’t complain. If you’re not sure which model is suitable for your needs, check out the reviews and find out if there are any new models on the market.


A rice cooker is an excellent tool for keeping grains warm until they’re ready to be served. This type is great if you plan on making Indian cuisine frequently. It includes a steam tray as well as a nonstick cooking pan. This model can also be used to prepare vegetables and grains. It also includes a stainless steel cover. It’s also long-lasting enough to be used regularly. It’s a terrific rice cooker for Indian cooking because it operates with just one touch.