How to Cook Chicken of the Woods?

You need to thoroughly wash and dry the Chicken of the woods to prepare the dish. To do this, separate the shelves from the rest of the vegetables. Use a soft brush to remove large pieces of dirt and then wipe them dry with a paper towel. Once cleaned, the mushrooms can be marinated in the same way you would a chicken breast. This will remove some of the dirt and creepy crawlies, but it will also remove the flavor of the mushrooms.

chicken of the woods

Once you have washed, slice the sliced Chicken of the woods into 2 oz pieces. The mushrooms should be trimmed from the tree and cut into fist-sized pieces. Once cooked, the mushroom is ready for use. While it is delicious, it is not healthy enough for your family, so follow the cooking instructions carefully. Once it is cooked, you can use it as any other mushroom.

Nutrition Facts Chicken Of The Woods

Chicken of the woods nutrition facts

What Is Chicken of the Woods?

This delectable wild mushroom, scientifically known as laetiporus sulfurous, is more often known as Chicken of the woods due to its deliciously mild flavor and meaty texture. Sulfur shelf and lobster of the woods are two other names for this species. The brilliant orange color of this mushroom and the underside with tiny pores rather than gills make it simple to identify. If this is your first-time mushroom foraging, always double-check your find with a professional forager before consuming. Never, ever eat a hunch!

These mushrooms can often be seen growing on an old oak tree rotting on forest boundaries in late summer and early fall. However, any found growing on fir trees should not be eaten.

How To Cook Chicken Of The Woods?

Before eating, the Chicken of the woods must be cooked. The simplest method is to pan-fry or sautee in a couple of teaspoons of butter. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll end up with a versatile cooked mushroom that can be used in various dishes.

It’s usually preferable to chop them into tiny pieces or strips before cooking. However, the best method for my sandwich is to cut them into somewhat larger flats of even thickness, and it’s easier to cook them even if you cut them up.

I marinate these delectable mushrooms for four hours before sauteing to give them a more pungent taste. The marinade is made with olive oil, which makes it ideal for use as a sauteing oil. I find that marinating them in a large sealable plastic bag is the most convenient method.

My Chicken of the woods recipe will turn your woodland find into a delectable gourmet sandwich that will make you want to go hunting for more! This isn’t the only way to prepare these gourmet mushrooms, so I’ll give you some more excellent suggestions. People frequently confuse the hen of the woods with Chicken of the woods mushrooms due to their similar names. Even though they grow on old oak trees and are polypores, the mushrooms are pretty distinct. Hen of the woods is one of the most widely foraged edible mushrooms; however, it does not have the distinctive orange hue of Chicken of the woods. Instead, grey or brown is the most typical color.



  • ½ cup olive oil
  • Two tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • Two teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • Two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • Two cloves garlic minced
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Two ciabatta buns toasted
  • ¼ cup arugula
  • Two tablespoons pasta sauce warmed


  • Clean the mushrooms thoroughly of all dirt and debris. Then cut the mushrooms into 3-4″ wide flat pieces that can be stacked on a sandwich.
  • Mix the olive oil, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.
  • Pour the marinade into a sealable gallon bag with the Chicken of the woods. Let marinate for four hours.
  • After marinating, add mushrooms and some of the marinades into a large skillet, set over medium heat, and saute until mushrooms are tender and brown.

Tips while making Chicken of the woods

Here are some essential points that should be remembered while making Chicken of the woods:

  • Once cooked, you can eat the mushroom. Its texture is similar to that of meat, but it is more flavorful and easier to digest. It is best to eat it within 48 hours of purchase.
  •  It is also suitable for those who are trying a new culinary adventure. However, if you are unsure whether you can eat it, you should always test a small sample first. When preparing Chicken of the woods, you need to treat it like a raw chicken.
  • Before cooking the Chicken of the woods, you need to prepare the food. The Chicken of the woods should be cooked until tender and browned on all sides. Then, it should be thoroughly heated. As you cook, remember that you should always keep in mind the nutrition guidelines for the Chicken of the woods. You need to eat around 2,000 calories a day to stay healthy.
  • When preparing Chicken of the woods, it is best to chop it into manageable pieces. Then, it would help if you cleaned the fronds thoroughly, and it would help if you cut them so that it is easily accessible. You can also dehydrate it by using a dehydrator. After cooking, you can use the fried frog’s oil to prepare dishes, and it is best to prepare it in advance.

How to Serve?

If you plan to serve the Chicken of the woods with a salad, it is essential to make sure it has been sliced and heated evenly. It should be cut into small, fist-sized pieces, depending on the type of mushroom. The Chicken should be placed in the oven and left to dry in a bowl.

If you’re going to use a dehydrator, you’ll need to dry the Chicken of the woods first. Then, you’ll need to make sure the woods are cooled completely. Then, you should remove any stray leaves or debris from the fronds. For best results, you need to add a few tablespoons of water and let it stand for a few minutes before taking out the meat.

What Are The Best Ways To Enjoy Chicken Of The Woods?

Chicken of the woods can be used in several recipes in place of chicken flesh. Not only do they create a delicious mushroom sandwich, but they may also be used in these recipes.

  • Chicken of the Woods Pasta – 4 ounces mushrooms (sauteed), tossed with cooked fettuccini noodles, and one jar of your favorite pasta sauce. Dust with grated parmesan cheese if desired.
  • Chicken Fried Chicken of the Woods– Follow my Chicken fried venison recipe, but use the mushrooms as a meat substitute.
  • Coconut Curry Soup – The mild flavor of these mushrooms would make them perfect to use in this vibrant soup!
  • Fresh herbs – If you wish to cook some wild mushrooms in your recipes or as a simple side dish, consider sauteing them in butter and fresh herbs. Fresh rosemary, sprigs of thyme, and sage leaves would work perfectly. Adding a small amount of lemon juice would be a great addition here.

What Does Chicken Of The Woods Taste Like?

The moniker “chicken of the woods” comes from many people claiming the mushrooms taste like Chicken. Do they, however, have a chicken flavor? They only have one thing in common: they are both relatively mild. They can be used in place of Chicken in many recipes, but they are significantly more tender. To me, they taste more like a crab, with no hint of the seafood aftertaste.

They are lovely, regardless matter what they taste like. They don’t have the earthy, musky flavor that most people associate with mushrooms, making them suitable for many recipes.

It’s never a good idea to consume a wild chicken of the woods mushroom raw, and cooking the mushrooms reduces the risk of stomach problems and kills any heat-sensitive toxins.

How To Clean Chicken Of Woods?

It’s critical to clean your Chicken of the Woods properly, so begin by gently separating the shelves to gain access to all areas so that the cleaning process is quick and straightforward.

To ensure that your mushrooms are squeaky clean and ready to use, use a gently mushroom brush to remove any large dirt particles and rapidly wash them over with a damp paper towel or cloth.

If your mushrooms are filthy (like mine are), soak them briefly to remove any dirt or sneaky nasty crawlies that may be hiding inside. Don’t soak them for too long, or they’ll become waterlogged and lose their delicious flavor!


The fungus known as the Chicken of the woods is an orange-white variety. Its comparable taste and texture are frequently used as a meat substitute because of its comparable taste and texture. It’s an excellent option for both vegetarians and vegans. It can be fried, grilled, or stir-fried according to your preferences. You may also manufacture it yourself from dried fungi in a jar and bake it instead of frying it.

The Chicken of the woods can also be fried. This variety of mushrooms has a strong flavor and a texture that makes it a good chicken alternative. It can be used as a substitute for meat or as a chicken substitute in recipes where the original item is unavailable. Other spices can be added, but the Chicken of the woods is crucial. The flavor of fried Chicken on the wall will be milder than fried Chicken.