The Best Rated Crock Pot Recipes

Looking for some new crockpot dinners to try out this week? These are the greatest slow cooker recipes, from chili and chicken wings to soup and lasagna! There are hundreds of different crock pot recipes to choose from, but there are a few that stand above the rest. Crockpot recipes can be used for various things, from meatballs to soups. You can even use your slow cooker to make desserts! Here are the top-rated crock pot recipes.

What is Crock?

A crock is a clay container that is sometimes used for food and water and is also used for chemicals. It is synonymous with the word pot, and Crockery and crock-pot are examples of derivative terminology.

Before refrigeration, crocks, sometimes known as “preserving crocks,” were used in domestic kitchens to store and preserve delicacies, including butter, salted meats, and pickled vegetables. Stoneware, a nonporous ceramic that is watertight even without glaze, is used to make crocks.

Larger crocks (20-30 gallons) are utilized for curing meats. A brine composed of water, sugar, salt and a small amount of sodium nitrate or saltpeter is used to coat the meat. Two semicircle weights designed to fit within the crock keep the meat buried in the brine. The crocks are then covered with a lid and stored somewhere cool and dry.

Smaller crocks (1-10 gallons) are widely used to preserve vegetables like cucumbers and cabbage for pickles and sauerkraut. This method of food preservation allows people to maintain summer veggies even when their gardens and crops aren’t growing.

Crocks from the past can still be discovered and purchased. Aside from food storage, they’re frequently utilized in interior design as decorative elements or storage containers. Crocks come in various sizes and are still manufactured and sold today. A (traditionally three-legged) gypsy crock is a cooking vessel used by gypsies.

Top-Rated Crock Pot Recipes

Chicken and Dumplings in the Crockpot

Everyone will like chicken and dumplings, which is a classic homestyle dish.

Homemade dumplings with a creamy soup. This one-pot dinner is the epitome of comfort cuisine.

There’s even a secret component! The evaporated milk is important to making these dumplings exceptionally velvety.

Soup with Chicken Tortillas in the Crockpot

This family favorite will liven up your weeknight dinners!

It’s a huge bowl of soup with all the flavors of your favorite Mexican food.

To get the right crunch, top with tortilla strips.

Beef with Broccoli in the Crockpot

Why order takeaway when this beautifully tender beef and broccoli can be made at home?

Around my house, this is a family favorite; it also takes 10 minutes to prepare.

This famous Chinese takeout meal is available at a fraction of the cost.

The Best Beef Stew in a Crockpot

Beef stew may be the ultimate winter comfort food.

With each bite, the meaty and flavorful beef will have you shutting your eyes and sighing in contentment.

Carrot, corn, and peas are classic additions that I enjoy. Sweet potatoes, parsnips, or broccoli, on the other hand, would be equally excellent.

Lasagna in the Crockpot

The convenience of using a Crockpot is that I can toss everything in (more or less) and walk away.

For a few hours, forget about dinner and return when it, and you, are ready.

The layering is identical to traditional lasagna, except that the pasta does not need to be cooked first.

This is a terrific make-ahead supper that will last up to five days in the fridge.

Breakfast Casserole in the Crock-Pot

It’s great that you can turn this on, go to bed, and wake up to an amazing, full, and deliciously warm breakfast.

You’ll get a layer of hash browns, bacon, sausage, vegetables, and cheesy eggs in one pot.

You are free to experiment with the ingredients. For something really special, I might put in some leftover pulled pork.

What are the Healthy Reasons Behind Using Crock-Pot?

It’s one of the healthiest meat-cooking methods.

Grilling and flame-broiling, for example, are two of the most delicious methods to cook meat, but they’re also the least healthful. There’s a price to pay for that delectable charred exterior. When we cook meat over high, direct heat, the protein and fat in the flesh react with the heat to produce several potentially hazardous chemicals. This could be one of the reasons why meat-eaters are more likely to get cancer and heart disease.

It’s one of the simplest methods for preparing dry beans.

Vegetarians, I haven’t forgotten about you in the least. Beans and legumes are my go-to ingredient in my kitchen, and I prefer the flavor and texture of dried beans over canned. (Dried beans are also less expensive and more convenient to store.) The only catch is that using dry beans necessitates a few more steps, like soaking the beans overnight and then boiling them before proceeding with your dish.

It will not overheat your kitchen.

Slow cookers have always conjured up images of comfort food for me. When someone pointed out that slow cookers are perfect for summer cooking because they don’t heat your kitchen nearly as much as an oven or stove, I felt a little stupid. My summer cooking habits have been completely modified due to this epiphany! A summer stew with fresh cranberry beans, butternut squash, and kale from my garden, as well as sweet corn from the farmer’s market, is one of my favorite things to make at this time of year. I use vegetarian chorizo, but it would also be delicious with authentic chorizo.

You’ll find a nutritious lunch when you enter the door.

With a slow cooker, though, you may benefit from The Power of Planning. Put a recipe together before bed and store it in the refrigerator overnight. Remember to take everything out and put it on the cooker before leaving for work, and you’ll come home to a great, home-cooked supper that requires minimal effort in your tired state. Many individuals make breakfast in their slow cookers to wake up to a hot meal. For example, it’s one of the simplest ways to make steel-cut oats.

This isn’t your grandmother’s slow cooker fare.

Slow cookery revolved around gooey casseroles prepared with canned soup, heavy pot roasts covered with dumplings, taco pie, and other meals that weren’t particularly nutritious. I didn’t notice anything that appealed to me as I looked through the recipes with my slow cooker, which is probably why it stayed on the shelf for a decade. But it’s a completely different world out there!

What are the Tips and Tricks that Must be Kept in Mind While Cooking in Crock-Pot?

Select the appropriate cut: With the moist, low heat of a slow cooker, fatty and harsher meats like chuck roasts, short ribs, pig shoulders, and lamb shanks (think rich and tougher meats) become meltingly tender. Pork tenderloin, for example, is a leaner cut that tends to dry up. Similarly, dark flesh chicken, such as thighs and drumsticks, will stay juicier than white meat breasts.

Keep the lid firmly shut: Each peeks during the cooking procedure will add 15 to 20 minutes to the total cooking time. Also, resist the desire to stir; it’s usually unnecessary and slows the cooking process.

Take good care of your crock: If a slow cooker’s ceramic insert is subjected to rapid temperature changes, it may crack. To put it another way, don’t set a hot ceramic insert on a cold counter without first laying down a dishtowel. Using a filled insert that has been stored in the refrigerator overnight is the same: Before placing it on a warmed base, allow it to come to room temperature.

Browning enhances flavor: You can cram food into a slow cooker, turn it on, and get delicious results. However, if you brown your beef and saute your vegetables before adding them to the crock, you’ll be rewarded with an extra layer of rich, caramelized taste. (This is especially true when it comes to ground meat.)

Don’t use frozen food: Using frozen items in a slow cooker will put the food in danger, where germs can thrive (40 to 140 degrees F). So, before turning on the oven, ensure your meat and vegetables are completely thawed. The exception is prepackaged slow-cooker meals from the freezer section, which are safe to use as long as you follow the guidelines on the package.

Avoid overcrowding: Fill a slow cooker halfway to two-thirds full for the best results. Cook enormous roasts and whole birds; make sure you choose a large crock, and the lid fits tightly on top.

What is the Difference Between Crock Pot and Slow Cooker?

A Crock-Pot is a sort of slow cooker in the most basic sense; however, not every slow cooker is a Crock-Pot.

Crock-Pot is a brand of slow cooker that was introduced in the 1970s. A slow cooker is normally a metal pot that sits on top of a heated surface, whereas a pressure cooker has a stoneware pot surrounded by a heating element. The phrase “slow cooker” does not relate to a specific brand but the type of device. Slow cookers are made by various companies, including KitchenAid and Cuisinart.

The most basic Crock-Pots have only two settings: low and high, but models have improved through time and now include digital timers and unique goods, such as this smart Crock-Pot that can be operated from your phone. Other slow cooker models have also improved, such as the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System, which steams, sears, sautés, and slow-cooks.

Both appliances cook food over an extended period with moist heat and have identical pots, covers, and heating elements. Slow cookers are ideal for tenderizing tough cuts of meat, producing tasty dips, and preparing quick weekday meals.

Because not all slow cookers are created equal, it’s crucial to follow each model’s cooking periods and heating directions. On a Sunday morning, nothing is worse than overdone cinnamon buns.

What to Cook in Slow Cooker?

Meats are one of the most popular slow-cooker dishes, but they must be thawed first, or they will take too long to cook. To kill bacteria, boil meat to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) as rapidly as feasible. Before serving, ensure the meat’s internal temperature is within the approved range. When cooking poultry, use skin-on poultry to keep the flesh wet throughout the cooking process.

It may take longer to prepare veggies for slow cooking than to prepare meat; cutting them properly is crucial, so they cook evenly. Veggies may take longer to cook than meat, so put the vegetables on the bottom of the pot when making stews or meat-and-vegetable recipes.

Soups and stews are some of the best slow cooker meals because the slow cooker is designed to cook on low for long periods. If you need to add more liquid during cooking, bring it to a boil first, so it doesn’t lower the soup’s cooking temperature.

Slow cookers also shine when it comes to dips and spreads. Low heat keeps a cheese-based dip warm without burning the ingredients and prevents the contents from congealing during a party.

Grains might be an unexpected way to use a slow cooker. Porridge from oatmeal, broken wheat, or rice can be cooked overnight for a hot, nutritious breakfast. Bread and bread-based foods like stuffing can also be baked in a slow cooker, which also helps bread dough rise due to the low heat setting. Desserts are another unexpected slow-cooking category. While rice and tapioca puddings seem obvious, slow cookers can also be used to produce warm fruit desserts and even cakes.


If you’re looking for a hearty comfort dish, you’ve probably already tried out a few different crock pot recipes. For example, the slow cooker can make a perfect pork roast, and this recipe will tenderize the meat and make it fall apart when served over mashed potatoes or rice. There are dozens more recipes for the slow cooker to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you’ll love.

The best-rated crock pot recipes can make the whole family happy. Slow-cooking meat, vegetables, and other ingredients enhance the flavor of the meat and bring it to life. A great slow cooker recipe can make dinner so easy that it will be a hit! With so many crock pot recipes on the market, it’s impossible to find one that is not sure to satisfy everyone.