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Corona Guava Lime Refresca Nutrition Facts

Corona Guava Lime Refresca has 185 calories per 12-ounce serving and 0 mg of vitamin A. The drink is made with natural lime, guava, and coconut flavors, and it is part of a diet with 2000 calories. Corona’s nutritional facts may vary based on location and the drinks’ menu items. Corona also makes other soda flavors, including passionfruit, guava, and Coconut. Corona Refresca is a premium alcohol-spiked malt beverage with natural fruit flavors, and Guava lime, Passionfruit lime, and Coconut are among the most popular.

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Corona Refresca is a light alcoholic drink with a 4.5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). While it has a higher ABV than many flavored beverages, its calorie and fiber content may not be as healthy as you think. The drink is not a substitute for a healthy diet, but it can still provide some health benefits.

Corona Guava Lime Nutrition Facts

corona guava nutrition facts

What Is Corona Guava Lime?

With a trio of tropical-flavored delightful booze-spiked beverages, Corona is branching out beyond beer. Corona Refresca, the beer brand’s first non-alcoholic beverage, is a flavored malt beverage offered in three flavors: Coconut Lime, Guava Lime, and Passionfruit Lime. Six Guava and Passionfruit flavors will be offered, while a 12-pack of the Coconut Lime taste will have all three flavors.

Before launching countrywide, the drinks will be available in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and North Carolina. Corona’s new beverages, which have less than 199 calories per 12-ounce serving and 4.5 percent alcohol by volume, are the most recent additions to a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

A premium flavored malt beverage, Corona Refresca Guava Lime Spiked Tropical Cocktail is a premium flavored malt beverage. The vivid, refreshing, and natural lime and guava tastes of these sweet drinks transport you to the tropics of Mexico.

Does Corona Beer Make You Weight Gain?

Beer can lead to weight growth of any kind – including belly fat. Take into account that drinking more leads to weight increase. The development of a “beer belly” does not appear to be linked to the consumption of one beer per day (or less).

As long as you avoid the bottles with shards of glass, the health impacts of Corona Extra should not be irreversible. Corona Extra offers only 24.5 grams of carbs, no protein, and 185 calories, despite being the second most calorie-dense beer on the list.

What Is Remarkable in Corona Beer?

Do you prefer to unwind in the sun while sipping a tasty alcoholic beverage like wine or beer? Then “Corona Guava,” a tropical-flavored malt beverage with liquor, is right up your alley! Corona is linked with high-quality drinks and constantly ranks among the world’s most beloved brands as a well-known firm with a global presence. When these non-beer beverages first hit the market a year ago, no one could have guessed how popular they would become.

  • A coconut-free tropical beverage! Isn’t it a little off? There wouldn’t be a trio without Coconut, whose refreshing flavor never goes out of style. Corona Refresca Coconut Lime is perhaps the most acceptable beverage to cool you down in the summer.
  • Furthermore, the tart combination of lime and passion fruit makes this one a little less sweet. The liquid is a brilliant yellow color with a foul odor when spilled. There’s a second premium flavor of the spiked refreshment in the packaging blended with passion fruit. The name alone suggests that the meal will be delectable.
  • If you’re a fan of passion fruits and want a fruity beverage that isn’t beer, this is a great option.
  • It also has a distinctive coconut scent and a creamy look, similar to coconut water. Even if you don’t care for Coconut, you should try it.
  • Grilled meats and seafood pair well with these boozy cocktails with a kick. These malt beverages are ideal for pool parties, beach festivities, and outside barbecues.
  • Reference by Corona is unquestionably a massive hit for the constellation. Start with the 12-pack, which includes all three flavors in one convenient package.
  • Warm weather is on the way, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of this refreshing, tasty spiked beverage! During the warm summers, this drink is fascinating enough.

Why Is Corona Served With Lime?

Corona is a household name as the world’s most valuable beer brand. The Mexican lager is commonly accompanied by its faithful partner, a fresh green lime wedge dangling from the top of the bottle. It is associated with beach fun and backyard barbecues. There are various versions of this iconic pairing’s origin story, and it’s anyone’s guess which one is correct.

Some claim that the lime acts as a rust remover and sterilizer because the metal caps used to seal Corona bottles are renowned for creating rust spots on the rim. The same logic applies to the idea that citrus acts as a disinfectant, which makes sense given that Mexico’s drinking water is notorious for its negative health impacts. Contrary to these assertions, Corona has been made for over a century, and locals have never been known to add lime until recently.

Others argue that Corona’s clear bottles expose the brew to a skunky flavor and aroma caused by the bitter alpha acids in beer transforming into the same chemical found in a skunk’s spray when exposed to light; the fragrance of lime juice helps cover this stench. The lime is also claimed to keep flies away from the beer because citrus is a natural bug repellant. The claim that a bartender introduced the custom in 1981 to boost the marketability of Mexican lager is arguably the most plausible scenario.

While there is no evidence to support any of the assertions, it is possible that a mix of circumstances contributed to the couple’s continued popularity. Corona has embraced the act, with citrus appearing in nearly every advertisement — and in 2017, the company became the official sponsor of the University of Texas Longhorns with the debut of its “Horns Up, Limes In!” campaign. In 2018, it even tried out a lime distribution deal with Earth Source Trading, releasing branded produce. While no one knows when or why the practice started, it isn’t easy to picture a cool Corona without lime.


The drink contains few ingredients and is a popular mixed drink. The flavoring is created by fermenting malt without yeast, and a light fermentation process results in a crisp taste. It is a refreshing drink, priced similarly to a quality craft beer. The brand hopes to capitalize on a growing trend and make Corona Refresca an affordable option for health-conscious consumers.

Corona Refresca Guava Lime is the first flavored malt beverage in the company’s history. This beverage is designed to attract new flavor-seeking consumers and will be supported with national television spots, digital marketing, and out-of-home advertising. Social media and public relations are other tactics to help Corona Refresca reach a wider audience. Once it hits the shelves, consumers are likely to enjoy the refreshing taste of this guava lime drink.